Ride to Beaumont California


January 11, 2003


We started a few minutes late heading to breakfast at Kenos Restaurant in Yorba Linda, but it didn’t matter that we were late cause no one else showed up for breakfast.  We had a nice meal and before we finished Bob and his girlfriend showed up. After breakfast and some good conversation, we went out to the bikes where we spent another 15 minutes admiring the detail job on Karen’s bike. The job “Clint’s Eye for Detail” did was nothing short of fantastic. The bike looks like it just came off the show room floor. I used to think I did a pretty good job of cleaning mine, but… I guess it was a little early for some of our riders, or maybe they thought it was too cold to ride. No matter, we went on the ride anyway. It was a little nippy when we started, but it warmed up as the day went on. I seem to have a requirement that I miss at least two turns on ever ride, but today I doubled that. We managed to find our way though and had a great time doing it. The scenery, as usual, was fantastic and we managed to miss most of cow country and hit very few of the pot-holed roads we usually find.  At one point the road we were taking turned to a dirt road, but we were able to get around it with a minimum of delay.  It seemed to me that we were making pretty good time, but somehow we still finished lunch a couple of hours late. We had quite a ride back and didn’t really want to ride back in the dark, so we decided to take the 60 back home. That proved to be a mistake when about 10 miles later we hit a traffic tie up. A biker going the other way gestured us off the freeway indicating it was a long traffic jam, so we went back to our original route. We managed to bypass the jam and joined the 91 another 15 miles or so later. This also was no picnic and although not jammed, it was very heavy traffic through Corona. Once passed the 3rd accident of the day, we made the rest of the trip home without incident. All in all it was another great ride in Sunny SoCal. Missed all you out there on the road, but maybe next weekend. See you on the byways………….