Dave has got to ride Ride

February 23, 2003


We started today’s ride at Coco’s in Compton off the 91 Fwy. 15 of us met for breakfast and 3 more joined after. As usual we started a little late, but the reason was good company and I would think it would be hard to find a better reason to start late. We started the run by heading up the 110, to the 101, to the 5, to the 118. We stopped for a coffee break in Porter Ranch before heading through the Santa Susana Pass and then down through Box Canyon. This was the start of some very curvy, hill, switchback roads. We rode down Valley Circle till we came to Mulholland Drive. A short drive took us back to Topanga Canyon and a very nice ride. When we got to Fernwood Pacific Drive, things started to get interesting. We got some of those curve signs that showed of up to 300 degrees while going up the kind of incline you can’t stop on. If it hadn’t been for the sudden drop offs and the great scenery, it would have been easy. Still we had a great time and go so wrapped up in the ride that we forgot to stop and get gas. We had to cut the ride a little short so we could make it back to a gas station. Don was having a great day till some “Harley Rider” tried to see how close he could get when he passed. That, I think is when his evil side appeared. (See pic)  Since Malibu was the closest place we stopped there. I won’t say they have the highest price gas in the country, but it was sure close. We filled up and headed across the street to fill up our bellies cause by now we had worked up an appetite. We stopped at the Marmalade Café where we frightened off a few slow eaters so we could claim the tables. I got a feeling of Deja Vu, kinda like I had been there a hundred years ago.  Anyway, we headed back down the coast and on home. It was cloudy and a little chilly today, to still a great day when you consider the time of year and the fact that most of the country is snow bound. Well, I’ll se you on the by-ways……..