Corner Store Food Store Dice Run

September 28, 2002


Today’s run started at an early 7:45 am. This was to allow us to get to the starting point at the  House of Handlebars” early enough to get ride pins.  We were running a little late, but we made it to our meeting point at Denny’s in Bellflower in time for breakfast. Our president showed up in time to ride with us to the starting point of the run even though he had to work today.  We made it in plenty of time and were treated to coffee and doughnuts and had plenty of time to check out the store. We registered, got our ride pins, our first dice roll, and the directions to the next stop. After a leisurely stop, our small group, less Nitro, headed up the road about 33 miles to the Espinosa’s Leather Shop. Here again we were treated to coffee and doughnuts. Riders looking for leather goods will be sure to find some fine choices here. I was tempted to get a new jacket myself, but I really didn’t need one. After rolling the dice again, we got new directions and were off for a 26-mile trek to “Hawg Heaven”.  We got another turn at the dice and treated to some of the best hot dogs I’ve tasted. Another fine shop to visit and it was off for another 26-mile sprint to a nice surprise called, “Touch of Romance” in Brea. This shop was a very pleasant adult variety store with something for every taste. Another dice roll and back on road again for the final 22-mile leg of the trip including a brief shower under a dark cloud as we traversed the 57 to the 91 freeways. We arrived in Buena Park for a fantastic feast of barbeque beef, cheeseburgers, fruit bowls, soft drinks, and music. After checking out the venders and enjoying the food, we decided to partake of the bike games. When you think of a bike race, going slower than the next guy is not normal. Still it is a lot easier than picking a tennis ball off a cone, dropping it in a tube, catching it on the other end and then placing it on the next cone. After about four tries, we gave it up. All in all the $10 price tag for all we got on this ride made it not only a great value, but a great event. Thanks to all.