Pendleton Ride

February 2, 2003



We met for breakfasts at IHOP in Costa Mesa were several of us had breakfast before meeting other riders at 9 am for ride in the crisp morning air.  We made it all the way across the street before having to stop for gas.  After getting the last few bikes gassed up, we headed down the freeway toward Corona. We drove up through Corona and then attempted the Temescal Canyon road were e found it was being dug up for some kind of upgrade. We did a u-turn and headed back to the 215 Fwy for a couple of miles, then back to the canyon road. A few miles up the road we stopped at Tom’s Farm where we got some of those required photos for the member’s page. After making complete fools of ourselves in front of a small crowd, we headed south again. We rode down through Lake Elsinore on the west side of the lake and then kept going all the way to Temecula where we met up with some riders from the San Diego Chapter. We took a short break at Del Taco, crossed the road for gas again, and then headed south once more.  We rode down through Rainbow Canyon and along old 395 before turning west down Reche Road and then south again on Grid Road. We turned southwest on Pala Road / Mission Road before heading due west on N River Road. We rode a few more miles before heading south on College and then southwest again on Mesa. This took us all the way into Oceanside where we stopped for lunch at the 101 Café. This is advertised as the oldest restaurant in Oceanside, and from the age of the building, I couldn’t argue. Still the food was good and the company was great. We all had a fantastic time one of the best weather days in the winter in southern California. I only to about 200 photos this trip, but they were some very good ones. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did the ride.  Till next time then,  I’ll see you on the by-ways……….