Sunday†† October 13, 2002


We started the ride by meeting John and Coffi (new riders to the club), at Wild Bills. We then rode to our usual starting point at the Dennyís in Bellflower where we met 2 more riders, then on to Rodís in Hermosa Beach for breakfast were we met with 3 more riders. Around 10 am we headed north through Manhattan Beach and on to Santa Monica were we met up with another rider, then up the coast toward Malibu canyons and the Rock Store. We rode through some of the best roads in southern California for cruising if you like the twisty mountain type roads. When you consider this is October and many parts of the country are down into the 30 to 50 degree weather, our 70 to 80s was not bad. It did change from chilly at the coast to very warm inland, but as a great rider once told me, its all part of the experience. After spending some time hanging around the Rock House, we rode through some more of those hills, and then back down to the coast. We had a nice lunch at Neptuneís Nest before heading back down the coast. I would recommend this ride for all but the inexperienced. Had a great time.