Waffle Lady Ride

March 23, 2003


We started today’s ride a little different than usual. Instead of meeting for breakfast before the ride, we met for coffee and doughnuts, and then rode to another doughnut shop to pick up some more riders. On the way we picked up another couple for a good share of the ride to Fountain Valley, but just before we got there, they turned off. We met a very nice couple from Oregon that found our bikes a pleasant distraction. We then rode to the Waffle Lady Restaurant for brunch.  When we got there another bike club was just leaving.  We had some conversation passed out some flyers for our Cruisers4Kids Ride and then met the Waffle Lady in person. We had some great food and were treated well, although I wouldn’t suggest this place if you are in a hurry.  After we ate, we headed up the coast and along PCH all the way to Signal Hill. We stopped there and spent a while just enjoying the sun and the scenery.   I don’t know what exactly it is about spending time this way, but I can tell you that it makes my week tolerable to know the weekends will be like this. See you on the byways……..