Ride the US



For most of my adult life I have wanted to travel through the continental United States. Like most of us however, I got caught up in the normal living of life and never had the time. I now have a chance and I plan to make the most of it.  My wife and I are planning to spend the entire month of July 2002 riding our bikes through the states. I hope we will be able to see parts of about half of them.


Anyone that has any suggestions as to good roads or bad ones, places that should be seen or should be avoided or any other helpful hints or suggestions, we welcome you to contact us by email.  If any of our fellow American Cruisers along the way that would like to say hey, or maybe even ride along as we pass through your neighborhood, we'd love to meet you.  We won't have much time to visit due to the distance we want to cover, but we'd still like to say hello if time allows.


This ride will start from our home in Anaheim, California about 3 miles north of Disney Land. Our intended route should take us northwest through Las Vegas, Nevada, then across Utah and into Colorado where we will be visiting with friends and relatives in Denver.  From there we plan to go north into Wyoming to visit with a cousin and then on to South Dakota to visit Sturgis and Mount Rushmore.  We then plan to go south and southeast into Nebraska to visit more family, then down into Kansas turning east through Topeka and Kansas City, then into Missouri. From there we will be heading southeast again through Arkansas, Mississippi and down to New Orleans, Louisiana. From that point we will be heading east around the gulf through Alabama and on into Florida. We plan to make a loop around the outer edges of Florida down to Key West and then back up the eastern coast. Leaving through Jacksonville we expect to pass through Georgia, South Carolina, visiting more family and friends, then through North Carolina and into Virginia. Yes, I more family there.  From this point we may head back west through West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee, or if we have time we might take a more northerly route through Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois before turning southwest again. Crossing our path through either Missouri or Arkansas, then through Oklahoma, New Mexico, southern Colorado, going through four corners we will going through Utah again and and down into Arizona before returning to California.  If you have been counting, we come up just short of half the states in the US.